About Us


Pack your bags…with us, you’re literally going places! We are the Special Event Travel (SET) Network, your ticket to the hottest event weekends, such as Essence Festival and All-Star!

Founded in 1996, we are members of the Better Business Bureau* who serve over 10,000 guests each year .We do this by creating affordable packages that finally grants access to various events and destinations throughout the world.

We are the longest-running urban event website in the country. Fact.

Our slogan: We do the big events. Period.

Our motto: Work hard. Travel more.

How we have been able to provide a long withstanding service for 20 years is quite simple: we provide hotel, event ticket and party access to national events, and we do so with a payment plan, so that ANYONE can take an exciting vacation.

YES, we package everything you’ll need – so you don’t have to shop around on five different websites -- for an awesome experience.

We offer the convenience of putting vacation packages on a lay-a-way plan that’s like no other. You’ll make the lowest payments ever known, over time, without the stress of:

  • Price changes
  • Package availability
  • Concert or game sellouts

Ready to travel AND make some money…at the same time?

We also offer an affiliate program** for:

  • Travel Agents
  • Party Promoters
  • Event Planners

…and all popular people who want to get away for free and make money…at the same time!

Our service is second to none. We hope your experience with us will be the same. Welcome to the family! Now, let’s get started so you can get out of town and into the biggest sports, music and beach events of the year.

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