Dubai is a muslim country. There are rules, however they are somewhat relaxed because it’s a tourist area. Below are: AIRPORT pick up details, what to bring with you and a few things to take note of in terms of conduct and dress code etiquette.

Dubai Airport (airport is very big), once you pass through immigration with luggage, you will go through the doors. Your drivers will have either your name or SET Network on a sign. There will be a lot of different signs so pay close attention. If you do not see your name or our company, just relax in the coffee area and reach us via whatsapp in the group chat that we will create and you should be a part of. We will connect you with the drivers that way.

Dress Codes: Yes, this is a muslim country. However unless you are entering a mosque, coverings are not required by women and traditional mens wear is not required. However, overly revealing clothes such as shorts that show butt cheeks or tops / shirts that show a woman’s Anatomy in an overly revealing manner is prohibited. – except when at the beach club bathing suits are accepted.

NO DRINKING IN PUBLIC – all of the drinking areas are inside except the dinner in the desert.

NO CURSING OR LOUD TALKING – IN PUBLIC AREAS -you will see what we mean when you get there. We / You really do not have to worry about this one. This group is mature enough to understand this.


  • Comfortable shoes / sandals
  • One all white outfit for the yacht party
  • Sunscreen and head covers to protect from heat
  • Shades
  • Water shoes for the desert dinner event – Wear your T-Shirt Day
  • Swimsuits for beach party & pool at hotel

This is your official itinerary for the 2023:




AUG 31, DAY 1- ARRIVAL DAY – (There are no official events planned for this day)

  • On arrival, after immigration follow airport instructions listed above
  • JW Marriott Lobby – Event Wristband & Gift Bag Pick Hours | 11a-2p & 7p-12a