Questions People Ask Us (A Lot!)

  • Explain the VIP Account Link: 
    Once you book you will get a VIP Group Link: This link is what holds your "group" traveling together. Send this link to everyone coming with you.

    This link:

  • allows everyone to make payments with their own cards and get their own receipts
  • shows everyone payment due dates and package includes details 
  • shows the policies if anyone has questions AND 
  • has a feature within the account to show how much your final payment will be based on the number of people in the room ( because we know things change). 
  • Further, The link is mobility responsive, however if you view from a desk top you can see:

  • Who paid, When they paid, How much they paid ..
  • Explain Details Of Adding People To The Package
    You can add as many as you like, even if it exceeds the number of people you signed up for. However EVERYONE under your travel package must be in and paid by FIRST PAYMENT.  The following answer below is on a case by case bases you will want to call us for details. HOWEVER as a rule of thumb extremely high volume events the below is true.

    After first payment, guest will need open a new package. We can still group you together, no problem, you can still travel together, no problem they will simply have different dates and perhaps different package amenities. - call us to get clear on your package. 877-521-4686 x 702 
  • Explain the payment plan process? 
    Once you book your locking in a payment plan. NOTE: The packages on the site are created by payment due dates. After the package either sells out or expires we set up new packages and payment plans. We can not confirm that the package or the price will be the same. The only way to confirm is by "holding / register" the package. This will freeze the price and allow you to plan and gather your friends. 
  • When you sign up for a hotel package there is a payment plan attached. This is your plan. You use the online account link we provide and make all the payments, except the final payment that one you must call in. Upon calling we will ask a series of questions to close out your vacation plans.

    Questions like:
  • How many people are now confirmed to attend? How many rooms would you like? Any upgrades? If available what free night would you like?

    Based on those answers we will advise you of the final amount your package will be. You can follow along with us as we do this through your online account. We suggest that you pay close attention to those dates as late fee's do apply and missed payments for up to two weeks late can be canceled.  All payments are nonrefundable and nontransferable. 
  • Explain the $10 Booking Fee:
    We charge at the end of the process a "booking fee". This is a fee charged to personally set up your final vacation plans. This fee is per person and charged at final payment time. 
  • Explain the Registration Fee:
    See terms and conditions listed on the payment page of the site. It however is NOT apart of the package cost. 
  • Explain the Convenience Fee:
    It's simple, we provide you with a FREE online account link that gives you all the details and information you need. You can make your own payments for free there. However, if you need to have someone personally do it for you, we charge a fee for that. The amount is listed in your account. 
  • I am paid in full when do I get all the things that come in my package?
    ON Arrival. We do not mail out ANY tickets or products. ALL items must be picked up in person w/ ID.
  • I'm paid in full, when do I get my confirmation email from hotel?
    Soon! We are a bulk inventory dealer. This means that we submit reservations in groups not one by one. That means that you will get your confirmation once we submit the next batch of reservations for your event. NORMALLY its monthly BUT you will always have no less than 7 days before the event.
  • What do I need to bring on arrival to event? You will need the following: 
    Your State Issued ID
    The credit card you used for the final payment (includes gift cards | debit and expired cards) We have to simply physically see the card. 
  • I've lost my final payment card, what do I do?
    It's okay these things happen, please bring your ID and ( if you have the replacement card). We will have a quick security form to fill out, thumb print may be required.
  • What time is check in & out?
    It varies per hotel and event however the universal standard is: check in 4p and check out 11a. (give or take an hour on either end). Early check in may be available if the hotel is not sold out the night before. Only the hotel, on the day before you check in, can make that call. 
  • Does the hotel require a security deposit?
    ALWAYS be prepared to pay a security deposit during special events. The amount varies but the rule of thumb is $100-150 per room. This money is fully refundable if there are no charges |damages or smoking in the room.

    NOTE: If using a debit card, the deposit will deduct from your card and may take up to 10 business days to be returned. This is not controlled by SET Network, that is a hotel policy. 
  • What are your office hours?

    Our office hours are M-F 10a-4:30p Central Time. We are closed on all major holidays & weekends. Our email address (checked during holidays) is:, our contact is: 877-521-4686 
  • Don't see your questions? email us at