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PAY ATTENTION IMPORTANT NOTICE! Applies to hotel & party packages.

    all payments are nonrefundable and nontransferable so be sure of your payment
    If you see a late fee but you are paying on time, submit anyway. Our servers are on a different time zone. You will not be charged the following day when we approve sales from night prior.
    below assumes all other payments are made according to the payment plan you signed up for.
    Appear as pending, until we approve ( this isn't an auto-charge)


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Through the Friday of the week payment is due & $25 per week 2 week max afterwards

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We guarantee you accommodations if package is paid on time & we also reserve the right to exchange hotel options for equal or better value, if needed. Please be advised that late payments may result in cancellation of package or loss of amenities.

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NOTICE: Remember the drop down is based on (1) room and the maximum number of people in that room.
OF COURSE, you may have more people in your group and need MORE Rooms. It's NO PROBLEM. This is simply a guide to show you how much it will be per person in each room.


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The Last payment must be called in. It cannot be made online. When calling be sure to know the final number of people attending. Hours are Monday to Friday 10 a.m - 4:30 p.m CST. We are closed on weekends and major holidays. The number is 877-521-4686 x 702

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1) Once your payment is submitted it will appear in your account as pending until we approve it. (this is not an autocharge please do not resubmit. Please allow us 24-48hrs to process your payment)

2) Credit cards used to make First Payments must be presented at event. Credit card must be in your name or the name of someone attending the event. This payment is non-refundable.

3) If you're paying for more then 6 people submit the first 6 and then revisit this page to make payment for the remaining.

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For Our International Customers

I have read, and agree to the terms and conditions for these reservations


  • ALL PAYMENTS ARE NONREFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE We do not offer 3rd party insurance.



By booking, in the event of any of the below happening, you agree to:

  • In House Travel Voucher that we provide that allows you to use money toward other events on our site. Details Provide In Event This Applies To You.

The above ONLY applies IF:

  • The Event Cancels for any reason, that is to no fault of your own. This includes: Pandemics, ACTS of GOD, War or unforeseen circumstances.
  • You must also be current on your payment plans, not in cancellation or suspension.
  • If you are in or facing cancellation, no vouchers are provided for any reason.



Yes, for some international takeovers. IF that is an option it is clearly listed on the package page and must be purchased at the time of booking.


Our voucher program is similar to voucher programs often found through major airlines. Our vouchers are valid for up to one year. They can be used toward another event (even if the event takes places in another year, ask for details if this is your issue). We offer our vouchers to those who qualify via email.


We provide a unique service at the time you make the reservation:

  • Service: We commit in full to all parties involved that the time of your reservation, on your behalf. – securing your package.
  • Service: We take out & hold your package on lay-a-way & accept good faith payments from you, on a payment plan.
  • Service: We provide you a robust online account to help you keep up with your travelers, package details, and give you the convenience of having everyone in your party use their own credit/debits cards.
  • Service: We service your packages from start to finish and are always on site at all events to assist you.Our vendor(s) — hotels, promoters, excursion companies, etc. — require upfront commitments that we have to adhere to. When we offer a package to you we have to ensure, through good-faith payments, that you will attend the events. This is the only way our vendors will take us seriously.That said, all sales are final once you decide to go on the trip.


We assume that you — as a well-informed consumer – are reviewing the following information before booking. Additionally, we are aware that this information may differ from that of most travel companies; this is because the service we provide is unique & therefore requires a different level of responsibility from the consumer.

IF you have read these terms & conditions and you still have questions, we always welcome your communication. Please email us at please allow 48 to 72 business hours to respond.